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Sinners & Saints (Americana tales of love with twangy harmonies and rootsy instrumentation – harmonica, fiddle, etc.)

Since the band’s formation in 2011, Charlotte, NC country crooners Sinners & Saints have brought their live show to many a main stage or festival with a combination of regional tours in the Southeast and regular appearances across their native Charlotte. The band has shared the stage with the likes of Flogging Molly, Shovel and Rope, 500 Miles to Memphis, Bombadil and many others as they seek to spread their whiskey drinking, shit kickin’, sweet loving music to as many ears as they can find. Their 2014 release, Love and Misery also brings the band’s first partnership with Silent Uproar Records, who will help with the promotion and distribution of the release.

The band features Perry Fowler on guitar, vocals, kick snare, and harmonica and Mark Baran on stand-up bass, vocals, kick drum, tenor banjo. Their latest album was recorded by Electromagnetic Radio Recorders in Winston Salem, NC in the fall of 2013. Other southern talent EMRR has worked in the past include The Avett Brothers, The Wood Brothers, Mad Tea Party, Overmountain Men, Lou Ford, and Poprocket. Love and Misery also features special guest Geoff White of Overmountain Men, Appalucia, and Leadville Social Club playing fiddle, mandolin, and 5 string banjo.

Currently, Sinners & Saints is recording their 2nd album with plans on releasing in early 2017 in partnership with Silent Uproar Records.


“Sinners and Saints’ debut album Love and Misery is a little slice of Americana heaven. Sounding like the Avett Brothers in their heyday, Sinners and Saints embody what the genre should be. The album is a perfect blend of acoustic guitar, minimalistic percussion, upright bass, great harmonies, and lots and lots of banjo.

While hard to pick favorites, the album’s best tracks lie in the upbeat, foot stomping songs that comprise about half of the album. These include “Recipe,” “The Melody,” “Better Days,” and many other selections. The other side of the album is made up of more laid back tracks that are no less energetic. “Mama,” “Love and Misery,” and “Only You” embody this characteristic and serve as a nice juxtaposition to the rest of the album.

Clearly, the musicianship on this record is exemplary. The bass is played expertly and adds a driving force to the music and the banjo parts are complex, but not so excessive that they sound stereotypically like bluegrass music. Perhaps the most wonderful aspect about the musicianship on this album, though, is the harmonies that are featured on every track. While not necessarily the cleverest harmonies, they are expertly executed and I’m a sucker for a good folk harmony.

All in all, Love and Misery by Sinners and Saints is probably the best folk rock release that I’ve heard this year. The music is expertly performed; the lyrics are interesting, and its upbeat and a lot of fun. I would highly recommend this record.”

— Austin Frank, WLUR

Doors 9:30 | Music 10 pm. 21 and up. With Megan Jean & The Klay Family Band.