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Eureka Birds (Twisted art-pop w/ crystalline melodies)

Baltimore natives Eureka Birds dare to ascend their local musical trends and create twisted art-pop guided by crystalline melodies. Emerging out of a city where artists are typically fenced into a particular genre - be it ethereal dream pop, experimental punk, or electronic music - Eureka Birds play kaleidoscopic tunes that effortlessly jump from style to style, whether it's Caribbean rumba, psychedelic fuzz rock, bombastic piano ballads, or 1960's soul.

Eureka Birds began with Justin Levy's early forays into songwriting at the University of Maryland, where he was introduced to ace guitarist Dave Rogoza in 2004. After catching the attention of Margot & the Nuclear So and Sos bassist and producer Tyler Watkins, they worked together to record their debut self-titled album in 2008. They then connected with the group's missing links in 2011; bassist Scott Hesel and drummer Dan Vellucci, solidifying the current lineup.

With a full band finally settled, Eureka Birds flexed their muscle on 2013's "Strangers". Recorded in a swift ten days, Strangers reflects both the instrumental skill and the wide range of influences the band draws upon, and these diverse influences help frame singer Justin Levy's wry and self-deprecating lyrics on lofty ambitions, failed relationships, and late night debauchery.

Doors 9:30 | Music 10. 21 and up, proper ID required. With opener Iris Lune.