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Mary-eL (R&B, Soul, Funk, Rock)

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Mary-eL is what one could call a “Jill of all trades”.  From hosting her own radio show, acting in short films, co-hosting local tv shows, engineering live shows, being a sought-after studio vocalist, and of course, her one true passion: performing. Over the years she has been part of an acapella group, a contemporary gospel ensemble, an all-girl R&B group, cover bands, as well as the lead and background vocalist in various bands around Indianapolis and Maryland.

"Each of those experiences showed me how to embrace my role as a singer and really helped me in my development as a solo artist. It solidified what I wanted when it came to my own music: The live element. Live music. It's the energy that's given off between musicians sharing a stage. I thrive off that."

Features with local artists forced her to hone her musicianship and gave her the chance to really try out her song ideas. She decided to take a stab at it and recorded “One Way Love” which was followed by “Body Talk”, two songs that exposed Mary’s penchant for not only singing, but also vocal production. “It was one of the first times I put a lot of myself into the creation of a song from start to finish. The first time I really let myself "be seen" in a way as far as lyrics go and as well as my ideas for vocal production,” she said. Mary’s love for rich vocal harmonies and unique melodies can be heard throughout her originals, especially in her song, “Take Me Alive” which she wrote and co-produced.

Hearing her is one thing, but watching Mary is another animal altogether...truly a MUST see! You can catch her performing in everything from large festivals and local concert venues with the band, Photo Radio, to acoustic shows in small coffee houses. Whatever the platform, Mary-eL is sure to give a moving performance!

Her band at Cafe Nola is typically comprised of Neil and Evan Durr, Frederick favorites known for their work in Joint Effort and other countless collaborations. Ponyboy Blues is also in her band, known for his work with Adrienne Smith.

Doors 9:30 | Music 10. 21 and up.